I didn’t go into the office on Monday – I had to take a day off.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I went in early and found that thirteen people had left messages on the answer machine.  I know from past experience that many of them would be about the frequency of injections and true to form eight of them were – including one from a gentleman in France whose legs are numb, he has pins and needles in his hands and has difficulty walking – he has to use a walking frame.  He was on three-monthly injections.

Then there was the gentleman from “just south of Warrington” who had been giving himself an injection of B12 in Hydroxocobalamin form every two weeks for the past twenty five years.  “There’s a new GP who has refused to write me a prescription for more than one injection every three months.  I’m worried sick as I know I start to deteriorate after two weeks – so I don’t know what I’ll be like after two months” he told me when I telephoned him back.

What would you tell him?  I’d be interested to hear what you would say bearing in mind that as the Chairman and therefore representative of a charity I cannot advise him to break any laws or run contrary to what his GP has told him…….over to you!