The Seventy One Year Old

by | Nov 20, 2013 | 2 comments

I didn’t go into the office on Monday – I had to take a day off.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I went in early and found that thirteen people had left messages on the answer machine.  I know from past experience that many of them would be about the frequency of injections and true to form eight of them were – including one from a gentleman in France whose legs are numb, he has pins and needles in his hands and has difficulty walking – he has to use a walking frame.  He was on three-monthly injections.

Then there was the gentleman from “just south of Warrington” who had been giving himself an injection of B12 in Hydroxocobalamin form every two weeks for the past twenty five years.  “There’s a new GP who has refused to write me a prescription for more than one injection every three months.  I’m worried sick as I know I start to deteriorate after two weeks – so I don’t know what I’ll be like after two months” he told me when I telephoned him back.

What would you tell him?  I’d be interested to hear what you would say bearing in mind that as the Chairman and therefore representative of a charity I cannot advise him to break any laws or run contrary to what his GP has told him…….over to you!

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  1. Miss Rosamund Adrien

    To the gentleman from ‘just south of Warrington’

    There are a number of issues to be addressed here but first and foremost, you require your needs met. If your previous GP, whom I am assuming was knowledgeable about the symptoms of PA and you were tested accordingly, and agreed that you needed the frequency of injections, then I would suggest one, or a combination, of the following:

    a) printing the information available on this website and discussing with him along with your medical history;
    b) requesting an urgent second opinion referral;
    c) requesting to be registered with another GP;

    To share my background and having recently been directed to this site. I was born with Juvenile Pernicious Anaemia. At the time it was thought that PA only affected older people and, after my parents were told that I would not survive the night, the doctor, risking her reputation, carried out the test for Juvenile PA, hence I am here today (57 years later). I used to have injections every three months and now it is every 6 weeks. Recently I visit A & E and when I told the doctor that I was injecting every 6 weeks he commented ‘that’s too much’. Needless to say this is a response to having only generic PA knowledge and ‘not knowing the background of the patient’

    Good luck in your quest.

  2. Karen Thompson

    You can tell the gentleman in France that the standard maintainence dose here is an injection once every month (so I can’t understand why he is getting them 3 monthly) Also he can buy both Cyanocobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin injections over the counter in Pharmacies. Cyano is more widely available but even in rural areas hydroxo can be ordered.


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