The Wall
How many others feel like me
When they hit the wall of B12 deficiency
Feeling exhausted no hope of rational thought
Paralysed rabbit in headlights caught.
Fatigue that is like a mountainous weight
Your brain and your body just wobble and ache
Uncharacteristic irritation dominates voice
From bad to worse becomes no choice
You try to function and keep going full tilt
Then all of a sudden you feel ill and wilt
Nice if understanding was shown
Thank heavens we know we are not alone
The society is there and facebook page
At least we don’t die in this current age
Pernicious the name inflicting such harm
It does not have kudos or any charm
Normal you look with invisible defect
An Alien autoimmunity reject
So sympathy is short from those around
Keep faith with our group where knowledge abounds
Research, education, the only way
It won’t be this black every day.
Hang in there!