It was an all too familiar story.  The patient telephoned to say that because she had asked for more frequent injections the GP had checked her B12 status which was unsurprisingly high.  And then, again all too familiarly, her injections have been stopped altogether.  It is now over a year since she had her last B12 injection and she has developed neurological symptoms.

So, I offered to write to the Medical Director of her NHS Trust.  That was a month ago.  I wrote and reminded the Doctor that patients with Pernicious Anaemia need injections for life and that I was extremely concerned about the neurological involvement.  Now what usually happens is that the Medical Director will contact the GP practice and remind the doctors that injections should never be stopped.  Then the patient is called in to the practice and the injections are resumed.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Medical Director stating that he had referred my letter to the ‘Complaints Department’ and that they would contact me soon.

Ho Hum!  Let’s wait and see what happens now.  It wasn’t a complaint but a letter to raise awareness of bad medicine.  I’ll keep you informed.