So far this week I have received three responses to the letters that I sent two weeks ago (see my post – Campaign for Better Treatment Begins).

I received a letter on Tuesday from the Chairman of the British Medical Association’s Council that stated that my concerns had been forwarded to the specialist committee that deals with all matters linked to the British National Formulary.

Yesterday I received an email that contained a letter from the Minister for Health for Wales – Mark Drakeford AM who stated:

“the management of pernicious anaemia would be a matter for the patient’s clinician to decide, in consultation with the patient.  Together, they should discuss and agree what treatment would be most appropriate to meet the patient’s individual needs and agree an individual treatment plan” – going quite well isn’t it?  But the end of the sentence speaks louder than the rest:

“that best reflect latest clinical evidence”.  And, you see, there isn’t that evidence or rather there is, but it’s not codified in one single document.

Another response was from the chairman of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency – MHRA stating that he is arranging a meeting between me and the Head of Patient Self Care.

So, things are moving, but very slowly.   And then there was that amazing telephone call – see the post above!