Well that went well.  In the end there were around twenty young trainee Psychiatrists along with experienced Consultants and a few other professionals.  The talk lasted fifty minutes and I took ten minutes of questions.  Five of the Consultants requested copies of the PowerPoint presentation and two have arranged for me to give the same talk at their hospital to their colleagues.

Here’s some of the comments I received:

Thank you for your fascinating talk this morning; I wondered whether you would have any capacity to come and present it to our team at XXXXXXXs hospital“?

My colleagues (both nursing and medical) were all very keen to hear more after I attempted to summarise what you had said

It was a very convincing and knowledgeable presentation. I would appreiciate if you could forward me your presentation slides“.

Just wanted to special thanks for being a part of our study day. Your presentation was great. Just what delegates wanted. I have had excellent feed-back and you made that possible

And all of this is being done with the sole intention of raising awareness of the issues surrounding B12 and Pernicious Anaemia.