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by | Mar 17, 2016 | 3 comments

On Monday I travelled to Cambridge as I had a meeting with seven Professors regarding a new research project that would take place at 11am on Tuesday.  I had a meeting with a member and her partner who had travelled to south Wales from London at 11am on Monday and so I didn’t leave Bridgend until 12:30.  The idea of travelling the day before was that I could take it easy and as the route involved the M25 which is often a trouble-spot.  Going on the Monday would mean that if there were any delays I would still make the 11am meeting.  The planned four hour journey took me six and a half due to an accident on the ’25 that closed the motorway in both directions in order that the air ambulance might land.  I was stuck on the motorway for two and a half hours travelling only 1 mile in that time.

So anyway I eventually arrived at the budget hotel at just after 7pm – way past my bedtime, but I was early for the meeting the next day.  And what a meeting it was.  It will be a continuation of the current research project that is looking at B12 though it will be much more in-depth and will investigate the amazing processes that allow B12 to be absorbed by the body.  It will involve three teams of researchers from three universities.  It is a grand project and I really do wish I could tell you more but I am unable to do so.  What I can tell you is that it is an in-depth investigation involving the treatment of Pernicious Anaemia and will cost around 5-6 million pounds.  And we, as a society, are a central part of the project.  Now it is a matter of meeting the deadline for the outline proposal by mid April and so I expect to be busy.  More of this later…..

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  1. Jane

    What a horrible journey, Martyn! But what fabulous news regarding a proper study of PA and its treatment. Can’t wait to learn more in due course. Could be the beginning of the disease being understood better, diagnosed earlier, treated more effectively – and generally given the serious consideration it deserves.

  2. Karyl Carter

    Fantastic news Martyn. Thank you for all you do and look forward to more news in due course.

  3. Kitty Kilbey

    I had Pernicious Anaemia as a teenager and was sectioned in an adolescent psychiatric hospital. No-one would take me seriously when i kept saying there ws something physically wrong with me. I am SO glad this is happening. In 2 weeks after having B12 injections my life changed forever!


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