On Friday Fiona and I took along our small Gazebo to set up our stand at the Bridgend County Show.  When we eventually set up the gazebo it became apparent that we needed a much more robust model.  And so off we went to Argos and purchased a new Gazebo for £50 – it was supposed to have been £70.

The new model had three walls which offered some protection against the wind and rain and we were aware that heavy rain and gales were forecast for the week-end.  We arrived at the showground in heavy rain at 8 am on the Saturday and it was evident that the weather was keeping people away.  But by 1 pm the sun was shining and the crowds appeared.  We handed out our B12 Deficiency Check-List to around fifty people – some of whom scored highly and these were advised to tell their doctor about the symptoms.

We also had around thirty people present themselves to us telling us that their three-monthly injection was not sufficient and a great many of these patients were either been prescribed anti-depressants or had been prescribed them before.  All in all it was a succesfull day.

However, when Fiona, Sue and I turned up to the field the following morning we discovered that the Gazebo had been wrecked by vandals.  Three of the most important poles were broken and the tent had just collapsed.  Two other stands had also been wrecked by a group of boys.  The Security Guards had caught them, but had simply escorted them off the premises.  It was not possible to salvage anything and so we loaded up the car and, after breakfast at McDonalds, made our way home.

We have commitments to three other festivals during the summer and so we will need to buy another Gazebo before then.  Today there are three volunteers in the office.  Sue, Abigail and Fiona.  We have begun to plan for the Awareness Week and Awareness Day.