The Telephone Call

by | Aug 15, 2009 | 2 comments

I took a telephone call on Thursday. I was in the office on my own when the call came through. Nothing unusual in that other than it was quite early – 8 am and that the caller was an elderly Australian gentleman calling from his home country. The gentleman was seeking information about B12, wanted to know more about the symptoms and enquired about any alternatives to injections.
He was not a member and admitted that he would never be able to use a computer and access the internet. He was originally from Scotland and had been sent a copy of the article on Andrea by his sister.
He was an easy going gent with one of those unusual accents that had a broad Scots dialect as its base iced over with the Australian timbre. I gave him all the information he needed and wanted and then the conversation drifted and we started talking about cricket, the state of the world economy (and banking in particular) and I found out that he was a great supporter of Lady Thatcher. He was positively delighted that he shared a vitamin deficiency with the Lady.
We have these really neat telephones in the office that display how long the telephone conversation had lasted. Fifteen minutes had passed, then thirty and as we passed the 45 minute point he asked a rather strange question.
“So where exactly are you in New South Wales?”
“Oh we’re not in New South Wales” I told him. “We are based in old south Wales – in the U.K.”
The phone went dead.

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  1. Veronica Sargent

    I loved reading this, when I was over in the States I was always asked where I was from and kept telling people South Wales but they kept referring to Australia. When I said no the UK they’d say oh! England then I’d say well you must be from Canada that annoyed them. Tried to explain that Wales was not England as USA is not in Canada… lol

  2. Ine

    I can’t help but think about that poor old chap’s phone bill! I once had a woman call my mobile phone and then laucnh into a long winded story as though we were best friends. It took me quite a while to convince her that she has dialled the wrong number. She hung up when I explained that it was a mobile phone number.


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