bdayFirst of all a big thank you for all the birthday wishes. I don’t usually celebrate birthdays and even though this is a milestone occasion (I was born in 1959) I still won’t be having any over the top celebrations.
I have had, however, the best birthday present ever……. after years of hinting Mrs. H has just presented me with my very first, and the very best Train Set. Hornby OO guage Flying Scotsman. Excellent. Now I have to make a board that will somehow fit on the wall of the Music Studio. This is going to be the start of something big!
Just because it is my birthday doesn’t mean there will be any lapse in the work I do for the Society. I’m off to London at 10 to attend a meeting of the Prescription Charges Alliance that has been campaigning (hopefully we will hear today whether it has been succesful) to abolish prescription charges for those with long term conditions. It’s ridiculous that those members in England that don’t use the services of the nurse at their surgery and either self inject or get somebody to inject for them have to pay for their B12 injections. This applies only in England as Wales has abolished prescription charges accross the board and Scotland and Northern Ireland are following suit. It remains to be seen whether the alliance has been succesful but the indicators are that they have been.
Thankfully my now weekly commute to the Capital will be with Kirsty – so at least I will have some company. Thanks for all the messages of congratulations on me reaching my half century.
Two trains in one day!