Yesterday I went to my local Renault garage to ask them to investigate a judder that happens when I release the clutch.  I now have a private number plate – B12 MVH (my middle name is Vaughan – I know, sad eh?).  The owner of the garage was manning the reception desk as they were short-staffed, probably because of the snow.

He giggled at the number plate when he was booking the car in.  “I’ve got B12 at home” he said.

“Do you have Pernicious Anaemia?” I asked.

“Oh no, it’s not for me”.

“Your wife?”  I asked.

He laughed.  “No, no, no;  It’s for my horses”.

“Your horses?”

“Yes, I own racehorses.  I give them all a shot of B12 every few months”.


“It perks them up no end” he replied.  “One of them was continually trying to eat soil.  He was a new horse and I knew immediately that he was B12 deficient.  I gave him a shot and he stopped eating soil”.

“Where do you get the B12 from?” I asked, genuinely surprised.

“From the vet”.

“Do you notice a difference in the horses once they have been injected?”

“Oh yes.  They are much more lively and more compliant”

Ah well…… it’s good to know that horses get adequate treatment.