Things I Really Dislike

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Two Thousand Years of Civilisation and we end up with things 100 things that I really dislike:

1.  Wooden sticks to stir your tea with – whoever thought of that?  They don’t work – you have to stir and stir and stir – and then you can taste wood in your tea.

2.  Foreign Sausages that have meat in them.

3. Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes that provide packed portions of butter, sugar, marmalade, Marmite, salt, pepper and milk and then don’t give you anything to put the empty packaging.  The result, a pile of paper, plastic and wood on your ’empty’ plate.

4.  People using small ponies to haul their wooden caravan up steep hills.

5.    Hotels that use old photographs on their website to lure you into reserving a room only to find that the said room is damp, badly needs re-modelling and smells of stale urine…….

6.  Frozen Chips

7.  Oven Chips

8.  Non Free Range Chicken ‘farms’.

9.  People who order food by asking if they ‘can get’ ……..

10.  People who, when asked if they would like some tea or coffee reply “I’m fine thanks”.  I wasn’t asking how they were…..

11. Sports ‘news’ – it jus isn’t news yet takes up about half of a news broadcast.

12.  Those little packets of paper handkerchiefs – simply not big enough.

13.  Those oversized packets that contain just one artificial sweetener.

14.  People who litter.

15.  Spammers.

To Be Continued……….

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