scotlandThere have been very interesting developments in Scotland.  Following a petition by one of the members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society that called for the Scottish Government to conduct a thorough Review into how PA in particular, and B12 in general is diagnosed and treated.  Andrea, who submitted the petition, was asked to give a short presentation of the issues involved which she did admirably. I was also able to make a contribution. The committee debated the issue thoroughly with one member of the panel giving his own personal experience of getting his wife adequately treated. Folowing the debate the committee referred the matter to a full meeting of the Scottish Parliament at which the Minister for Health for Scotland, Michael Matheson MSP made a commitment to investigate this.

Two days ago Andrea and I received the Health Minister’s response.  Basically he had referred the matter to Health Improvement Scotland who then referred it to one of ther committees – the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN). It was the ‘Senior Management’ of SIGN that reported back and the report included the following sentances:

‘The Committee asks that the Scottish Government asks practitioners to consider using a person centred approach to treatment based on individual patient’s needs, whenever appropriate, rather than a strict timescale of every 3 months’.


‘The Scottish Government is fully committed to ensuring that people living with long term conditions receive the care and treatment that is tailored to their individual needs and this person centred approach is one of the ambitions set out in our Quality Strategy’.

The committee also stated that the British Committee for Standards in Haematology (a committee of the British Society for Haematology) will be issuing new guidelines relating to diagnosing and treating B12 Deficiency in this month (June 2012).

Andrea and I now have four days in which to submit a reply to the report and the report, along with our reply, will be debated by the Public Petitions Committee on the 12th June in Committee Room 2 at 2pm.  The petitions reference is PE1408.

The papers and agenda for the meeting can be obtained the Friday before the meeting (June 8th) here:”>”>

and the debate can be seen live on the internet here:”>”>


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  1. Kate Melissa

    I’ve read the book ‘Pernicious Anaemia: The forgotton Disease’ with so much interest and enthusiasm…as it could have been written about me. All those doctors who looked at me strangely when I tried to explain my symptoms and being mis-diagnosed for all those years. Well, I now no longer feel like an alien from another planet as the book explains all my symptoms in a simple, readable and straight-forward way. Very well done Martyn, I can’t praise you highly enough for all your efforts with regard to the book, it was desperately needed, so worthwhile and a wonderful read. Hopefully it will prove educational to some members of the medical profession who desperately need educating.
    I would especially like to express my gratitude with regards to the help you gave me in the past when I desperately needed medial assistance for my condition. The society has literally changed (saved) my life. My grandmother died of this condition in the 1970’s…hopefully I won’t.
    My kindest regards

  2. Martyn

    Thank you Kate for your kind comments – they truly mean a lot to me and will help me to keep going!
    Thanks again.


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