A Very Sad ‘Phone Call

by | Jun 8, 2012 | 2 comments

Yesterday I took a particularly sad telephone call.  It was from the daughter of a ninety-two year old lady who has had full blown classic Pernicious Anaemia since her early thirties.  For the past twelve years her doctor has refused to prescribe the injection of B12 believing that she no longer needs them.  “My mother is dying before my eyes – I know she’s 96 but the symptoms of her B12 Deficiency are getting worse and worse.  I’m sure she would be a different person if she had the injections again”.  I was able to give the daughter the telephone numbe of a doctor in the private sector.  What was really worrying was that the lady told me that the GP was refusing to prescribe B12 to any patient over 60 yrs of age.  I told the caller to ask the patients to contact me.


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  1. Ann Hyde-Barnett

    My doctor tried to stop at least two of my injections. I was informed the symptoms I had two weeks prior to my jabs which are 9 weekly were not part of B12 – I however had an email from the society confirming they were – I did however express my veiws strongly and the jabs were not stopped.

  2. Norman Thomas

    This happened to my mother-in-law at age 80.fortunately her daughter was a Health Visitor at the time , so obtained B12 injections for her via another source.she was told ”she no longer needed them” , even though she had PA. somewhere , there must have been a directive regarding this from above. no-one is admitting this. whether it can be obtained under the Freedom of Information Act , I don’t know.


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