We have a volunteer who has been told that she has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past ten years.  So bad is her fatigue that she hasn’t been to school since she was thirteen.  Se wakes at 7am  and is back in bed by 1pm before rising again at 7pm and retiring at 11pm.

The first time I saw her I thought she had B12 Deficiency.  I asked to see her tongue which was swollen.

After pestering her for a few months she finally agreed to ask her doctor to check her B12 levels.  “I’ve had so many tests over the past ten years they will almost certainly have checked my B12” she said, but finally went to her GP and asked for the B12 Test to be carried out.

Guess what?  Level comes back at 120mcg/ml.  So, injections were started?  No!  Doctor will only allow her injections if the Anti-Intrinsic Factor Antibody Test proves positive.  We await the result of that next to useless test……

Policy Statement on Cyanocobalamin Tablets