The phone call I received yesterday started off promisingly.  “I’m just calling to say thank you for your advice about the pins and needles in my hands and feet.  I did what you suggested and told my doctor to look in the BNF which he did and I’m now having an injection every other day.  And guess what – the pins and needles have gone”.

Now, if the conversation had ended there I wouldn’t be as angry as I am.  The caller went on:

“Funny how much of this is around” she said.  “I was at the school gates yesterday and a lady who has a little boy in the same class as me commented on how well I looked.  I told her it was probably the B12 injections and that I have Pernicious Anaemia”.

“Oh my grandmother has that – they found out eighteen months ago when she was in hospital – they gave her an injection”.

“How often does she have them I asked”.

“Oh she only had the one.  She was discharged the next day.  Thing is she is completely bed bound now.  When my husband told the doctor about the Pernicious Anaemia and the injection he said that he would run a blood test to see if she needs another injection.  She’s 82 years old”.

Now what would you do.  I told the caller to tell her school gate friend to insist on more injections.  She felt as helpless as me.