I took a call from one of the script writers of a popular daytime television programme that centres around a General Practice.  He asked for more information about Pernicious Anaemia – he had already visited the website forum etc. It took an hour to get him fully up to date and he told me that he and his colleagues are going to write into the series the story of a woman who develops all of the symptoms of PA but whose blood tests show nothing untoward.  The story line will start soon and develop over the next six months with the patient’s condition deteriorating slowly but steadily until she develops quite serious neurological damage.  Hopefully this will help get our message across that there are serious issues surrounding the way in which we get diagnosed and treated.  More about this as it happens.

Oh – and I cannot give you the name of the programme because the writers are afraid that others might steal their idea.  But I will let you know the name when the storyline begins.  Members outside the UK will be able to watch the episodes on BBC’s i-player.