Well the busy two weeks is nearly over.  This past week I have been to London and back three times on three consecutive days (London Hotels are prohibitively expensive) and overall it has been worth it.

I would like to report that my meetings with the Royal College of Pathologists, Medical and Healthcare Products Regulations Agency and the Department of Health were a resounding success and that things would now change.  Unfortunately I cannot, but I can tell you that I have raised awareness among some serious players in healthcare in the UK of the problems faced by members of the PA Society and not only that, have been pointed in the right direction to get things changed.

I have one meeting left in this present round of campaigning – with the Director of the British National Formulary in November, but following the meetings that have taken place I now realise that unless there is some robust scientific evidence available that proves some patients need more frequent injections than others I will be going around in circles.

All is not lost.  We have three research proposals in the pipeline and it is only a matter of time until we do get the evidence that is needed.  And so, for the next year I will be encouraging the doctors and scientists who are working with us to carry on with their work.  We can do a lot to facilitate this research and we will be applying for further grants to enable this to happen.  It will take time but I am now convinced that until we get that evidence that has been peer reviewed and subject to scrutiny any efforts to bring about change will prove futile.  Back to the drawing board it is!

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