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Monday the 15th of December (last Monday) Carrie and I met with our team of researchers who are working on three different projects relating to the diagnosis and treatment of Pernicious Anaemia.  We met for lunch in one of the private dining rooms at the Royal Society of Medicine for Christmas lunch and a general discussion and update on progress.  Starting at 12 and ending at 4 the event was highly successful with a great deal of information and knowledge being passed around the table.  Starting with the old chestnut of frequency of replacement therapy it now seems likely that there could be two causes of the reason behind why some patients need much more frequent injections than others.  Work begins on one of those theories in the middle of January as long as we get Medical Ethics Approval from the relevant medical ethics committee.  Finance has been secured and all equipment purchased – we now just need that approval.

The second reason that might explain why some people need more frequent injections than others involves some highly technical and complicated biochemistry and will most likely be investigated as a PhD project.  The interesting thing about the discussions on Monday is that there are so many unanswered questions about B12 – I mean some really fundamental questions about the molecule.  Interestingly the debate about this subject involved not only biochemists but GP’s, Pharmacologists and Gastroenterologists and it seems likely that as this research proposal progresses it will not be one discipline that will be investigating the problem but it will likely be a multi-disciplined team that carries out the work.

The third project that is being formulated involves a more user friendly and efficient delivery method of B12 (and no – that doesn’t involve tablets) and we also had news of another tablet based initiative taking place in the USA which involves not only a tablet containing B12 but also an absorption enzyme.  More of this later.

As the society has signed ‘non-disclosure’ agreements with the researchers we cannot give more information yet, but please be aware that a lot of activity is going on ‘behind the scenes’.  I will try to keep you up to date as developments occur.

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