Replies to Questions asked to the Secretary of State for Health

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A great big thank you to Madelaine Moon, MP for Bridgend, for organising the Parliamentary Reception held on the 3rd of this month and another thank you to all those MP’s who turned up to hear what I had to say in the House of Commons’ Jubilee Room.  Just over a week has passed and some of those MP’s who attended were so surprised at

The Jubilee Room

The Jubilee Room

what we had to say that they have submitted written questions to the Secretary of State for Health – the Right Honourable Norman Lamb MP.  Several answers have now been received which are, to a certain extent stock answers written by civil servants before being approved by the Secretary of State.

The answers quite rightly point the MP to the new Guidelines issued by the British Committee for Standards in Haematology that were published last year.

” The treatment is well established and set out in the new guidelines and state that injections should be given every three months unless there is neurological symptoms when the patient should be treated every two months” (This is my paraphrase of the answers).

Not much to go on there really but the final paragraph does offer a glimmer of hope:

“However, the frequency with which vitamin B12 injections are provided to patients with pernicious anaemia is a matter for individual clinicians, taking into account the relevant clinical guidance, the prescribed dose and the patient’s response to the treatment”.

There’s something there for us to build on but don’t expect instant solutions.  The patient’s response to the treatment should be included in the British National Formulary and so I will now embark on a mission to achieve this.  That’s why I say there is some hope for change – but it will take an enormous amount of tact and diplomacy to achieve this.  Wish me luck!

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