Different Forms of B12 For Different Patients

by | May 10, 2015 | 1 comment

Now how about this for progress?  I interviewed a highly respected Bio-Scientist for my next book and asked him whether some patients would respond better to one form of B12 than another.  Here’s his reply:

Cyanocobalamin is the most stable of these compounds, hydroxycobalamin has a tendency to break down and methylcobalamin, as with adenosylcobalamin, is light sensitive (although slightly more stable than adenosylcobalamin). We require more data on the stability of these molecules during the uptake process and the integration of the molecules into cells. Only then will we be able to determine the best form of cobalamin for administration – and even then there is the possibility that there may be some variation with some patients having a preference for different forms”.

That’s something that members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society have been aware of for years – some respond better to one form of artificial B12 than other forms.

My next book is due out in November.

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  1. sue childs

    i wish all gp’s were updated with this info. So many of us are just palmed off. Every time i go to get a jab i live in fear of them saying you can no longer have them so frequently despite being a wreck if made to wait longer. The chemistry is complex,the body metabolism is complex but still one size fits all is the regime many patients experience.

    Thank goodness this society exists and that research is happening. wish NICE would be more helpful and that uk pharmacies could supply us just as European ones supply their patients over the counter with injectable b12.

    Look forward to you new book. I have your others. Looking forward to next conference.


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