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Well here it is – the cover for my next book due out on October 24th of this year (2015).

The book is made up of 8 chapters and concentrates on what the new Guidelines from the British Committee for Standards in Haematology advise and the results of our own survey.

Chapters are as follows:

1. Blood, anaemia, pernicious anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency

2. Causes of vitamin B12 deficiency

3. Problems in diagnosing vitamin B12 deficiency

4. Problems in diagnosing Pernicious Anaemia

5. Problems with the treatment of Pernicious Anaemia

6. Pernicious Anaemia, Stomach Cancer, Neurology and Psychiatry

7. Living with Pernicious Anaemia

8. Current Trends and Future Developments

Along with the eight chapters there is also the following

Introduction – by ‘Dr Chris’ (Dr Chris Steele)




My first book was published in 2012 and it’s quite amazing just how much progress the Pernicious Anaemia Society has made in pushing the problems faced by members onto the health and political agendas and this latest book addresses these issues; and I have also made some remarkable discoveries about how Pernicious Anaemia affects all aspects of peoples lives and my latest findings are included in the book.

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  1. Marcelle

    well done. I hope,many health professionals read it and therefore treat patients accordingly.
    You work so hard for us all.THANKS


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