Take a look at the content of the conference that we are attending on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week

Nancy Conference

As you can see there are to be five days of presentations (20 minutes each) with accompanying discussions and debates.

Obviously the content of the papers will be far above our heads and so you may want to know what we are doing there and the answer is that we will be doing what we can only do – Raising Awareness of the problems patients with Pernicious Anaemia face in receiving an accurate and timely diagnosis along with adequate treatment.

Two years ago when we attended the same conference we had an orderly queue of clinical researchers waiting to speak to us.  Hopefully there will be as much interest this year.

The conference presents us with an ideal opportunity to show how current problems with all manner of things to do with B12 is having on our members.  We have already made some very useful links with some of the speakers at the conference and hopefully we will make a few more.