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Oral Sex and Vitamin B12

by | Oct 17, 2015 | 1 comment

Ha! That got your attention didn’t it?

Now let’s be grown up about this.  People have been having oral sex since the early 1970’s though some commentators believe it all started in the social revolution of the 1960’s – the decade of decadence.  Anyway it happens.  And so what is this all about?  Well, a leading investigator and proponent of healthy nutrition (who has written a glowing review of my new book – out on the 31st October in case you didn’t already know) has been in correspondence with a doctor who is a staunch advocate of a vegan lifestyle.  And this doctor is vehemently opposed to dairy produce as are many other people who take the view that ingesting the milk of a cow as being totally unnatural, which, when you think about it is pretty weird – eating cow’s milk not being opposed to it.  Why do we, as normal adults, eat the product of a cow that is meant to nurture the offspring of bovines?  It is a topic that perhaps needs to be looked at.  Anyway, this nutritionalist is having this conversation about B12 with the doctor who is completely anti-dairy.

“So if you are a vegan and do not even entertain the notion of eating dairy produce how do you ensure you receive B12?”

“Oral Sex – both seminal and vaginal fluid are rich in B12”

Now – I’m going to leave this topic as it is before we get into the details of how much B12 there is in these natural body fluids and how much needs to be ingested.  I mentioned this to a doctor with an interest in B12 and her reaction was “It makes taking a daily tablet even more appealing”.

Suffice to say that this is a much debated issue among vegans. I did search the internet for a picture to accompany this post using the words in the title and immediately wished I hadn’t.

Let’s move on eh?



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  1. Emma

    hahahahaha. I’d rather my injection too.


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