Yesterday I received a letter from the work colleagues of a member who has passed away.  She worked for a large Mental Health Facility in Wales and lived just outside Bridgend.  I don’t know if I ever met her or if I had spoken to her on the telephone.  But she was thinking of us because she had told her colleagues that she would like a donation to be made to the society in lieu of flowers at her funeral.

The member was obviously a bright and articulate individual who was the former HR and Finance Director of the institution that she worked for.  Her colleague wrote that she “had experienced pernicious anaemia throughout her life and always discussed the lack of funding out there fro this condition”.

It’s an interesting sentence.  She ‘experienced’ pernicious anaemia throughout her life – meaning that she was experiencing the symptoms of the condition despite receiving treatment to correct the anaemia.  Her colleague went on that she wanted the donation to “continue to raise awareness of pernicious anaemia”.  Not to ‘raise awareness’ but to ‘continue’ to raise awareness.  And that’s what I’ll be doing again today.


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