Do you want to know what is the most irritating and annoying thing about running the Pernicious Anaemia Society?  You may think it’s the continual stream of telephone calls relating to the time taken for an accurate diagnosis.  Or it could be the constant calls about treatment being inadequate or being stopped altogether.  But no!  Irritating and annoying as those everyday issues are they lay in the shadow of the biggest source of Evidence-based-definitionfrustration – not being able to tell you about significant advances that we are making because of the confidential aspect of being informed of these steps forward.  And so it was that on Wednesday I received an innocent looking email.  Only when I opened it it was far from ordinary and not at all innocent. It was an invitation from the biggest health agency in the UK asking me for my comments on the introduction of a new development in B12 assessment.   There were a series of ten questions that needed to be answered and it took me two mornings to complete.  I was asked what were the problems faced by our members and whether this new development would help address these problems.  I was warned that the content was confidential and that I was not allowed to disclose what was happening and that is why I am unable to tell you more – but it is an exciting development.  It took me two mornings to complete the form because there was so many aspects to cover.  But things are moving forward – slowly, yes, but they are moving forward.  Rest assured I made a good case for change.  My input will be considered at hearings in the late spring and early summer.