You know, over the years it has become quite clear that a great many of patients with Pernicious Anaemia also suffer from tinnitus – ringing, screeching and rumbling in one or both ears.  This was mentioned at the Round Table Lunch at the Royal Society of Medicine in December and the gathered doctors, other medical professionalsear-ringing-illustration and scientists from various disciplines concluded that this would be due to the patient having suffered some degree of nerve damage caused by their lack of vitamin B12.  A new paper, published this week by a team of doctors from India suggest that patients with tinnitus be treated with B12 as a therapeutic trial.  And when I googled B12 and Tinnitus I was surprised that there has been so much research into this phenomena.  The problem is that if the patient has been deficient in B12 by the time the deficiency has been corrected the damage will already have been done and the patient will have developed tinnitus.  It’s another case for screening the population for B12 deficiency; but only after a consensus is arrived at as to what constitutes a deficiency.