Tinnitus & Pernicious Anaemia

by | Mar 14, 2016 | 5 comments

You know, over the years it has become quite clear that a great many of patients with Pernicious Anaemia also suffer from tinnitus – ringing, screeching and rumbling in one or both ears.  This was mentioned at the Round Table Lunch at the Royal Society of Medicine in December and the gathered doctors, other medical professionalsear-ringing-illustration and scientists from various disciplines concluded that this would be due to the patient having suffered some degree of nerve damage caused by their lack of vitamin B12.  A new paper, published this week by a team of doctors from India suggest that patients with tinnitus be treated with B12 as a therapeutic trial.  And when I googled B12 and Tinnitus I was surprised that there has been so much research into this phenomena.  The problem is that if the patient has been deficient in B12 by the time the deficiency has been corrected the damage will already have been done and the patient will have developed tinnitus.  It’s another case for screening the population for B12 deficiency; but only after a consensus is arrived at as to what constitutes a deficiency.

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  1. alan

    Hi Martyn,I accidently stubbled onto a article you done regarding depression related to vitamin deficiency and every symptom there from the tiredness to the pian in the knee also the dizzy turns I am so excited that maybe finally a soulution to a,life,long mental and physical stuggle could you please contact me would be grateful
    Sincerely Alan

  2. A

    Tinnitus was my first symptom, along with decreased tolerance of stress, fatigue, and mood outbursts, and a fine hand tremor. My levels were around 400 pg/ml.

  3. Gina mcnicholas

    Hi i had tinnitus after feeling unwell for a very long time…my doctors just kept sending me home undiagnosed saying it was a virus or stress…I then paid private and my consultant found that my b12 was at a level of 8, and I had PA…horrendous When I think back to how poorly I was.

  4. Amanda

    Tinnitus and vertigo was some of my early symptoms. I’ve been having b12 injection for 5 years but I still have both of these symptoms along with brain fog.

  5. Kathleen Lloyd

    After several episodes of Menieres type episodes, in autumn 2013 the GP referred me to an ENT consultant who decided I had “Menieres” disease- for which of course there is no definitive test. I was prescribed betahistine and (buccal prochlorperazine to take when I felt an episode coming on.) MRI scan showed nothing significant and I had one episode before review and after then nothing. I did not receive a 6 monthly follow-up appt and not having an episode I did not chase this up (The local nhs trust in Wales is the one in “special measures” and the system for apps frequently fails.)
    After various other symptoms- Im not going into now – I was finally diagnosed with PA in January 2015.
    The GP a very well-informed woman has been excellent. She had not been involved with the menieres referral but did explain that both conditions were of the autoimmune variety. I am well now and on monthly injections but the peripheral neuropathy remains. However I can live with this providing this does not progress dramatically.
    Thank you for reading this and I hope my experience can be useful in other cases.


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