Last year I met with the editor of the British National Formulary (BNF) to discuss the problems that a great many of our members have in receiving adequate replacement therapy injection based on their individual needs.  The meeting was successful and I was told that if I was able to provide evidence that doctors in the UK were happily prescribing more frequent injections than one every three months which is the current guideline.  However, collecting that data was not the only evidence that will be presented to the BNF.  You see, one of our members who is a medical professional has gone right back to basics and investigated the original licence that was granted to allow Hydroxocobalamin to be used to treat Pernicious Anaemia.  And guess what?  The original frequency was stated as “monthly or any other frequency”.  And there’s more.  The original licence stated that the injection could be administered as either Intramuscular or Sub-cutaneous.

Anyway, this weekend will see a new survey being posted on the members page of the society’s website.  Many thanks to one of our volunteers (who is a medical student) for working with the lead collator to produce the survey.  Please consider taking the survey if, and only if your doctor is prepared to depart from the current guidelines.  It should be there by the end of this week-end.