Today I start working on revising the content on the website.  It’s become obvious that the site needs updating for two main reasons:

Firstly, since the original website was commissioned ten years ago and revised three years ago there have been some significant steps forward in understanding the nature of Pernicious Anaemia, or, perhaps more accurately Autoimmune Metaplastic Atrophic Gastritis.  Some, though not all of these advances have been a direct result of the society actively engaging with medical professionals and other scientists.  And one of the most rewarding aspects of working with these scientists is that sometimes, well twice in the past year, we have been able to raise awareness of the problems with the diagnosis and treatment of PA and been told that a scientific breakthrough that would perhaps otherwise sat gathering dust on some shelf could be used to explain the problems faced by our members.

Secondly, whereas it used to be the case that the vast majority of visitors to the website did so via a laptop or desktop computer it has become apparent from analysing internet traffic statistics that now the majority of visitors access the site via a mobile phone; and the new revised website will reflect this and become easier to navigate from mobile devices.

There are over 120 different pages that will need updating and revising and so it is quite a daunting task but one that will hopefully benefit visitors to the website be they members or not.  If you can think of any new content that should be included please let me know but please, keep any comments positive.