Last Call For Research Participants

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It was always going to be tricky recruiting members of the Pernicious Anaemia Society who manage perfectly well on their 3-monthly injection that they receive if they live in the UK. The PA Society is, in marketing terms, a ‘distress purchase’. Nobody wants to join the society but if they’ve been diagnosed and are having problems either due to the late diagnosis or struggling with inadequate treatment then they will join to find out more about the condition. Consequently, there are few members who are perfectly happy receiving 1mg of B12 every twelve weeks.

Professor Hunter’s research programme is trying to find out why is it that some patients need much more frequent injections than others. And in order for this programme to be successful he needs to recruit twelve patients who manage perfectly well on their 12 week treatment regimen.
Unfortunately we have only been able to recruit 5 members who are happy with their 12-week treatment. And that is the point of this appeal – we desperately need another 7 members who are happy with their three monthly treatment.

If you are one of those lucky people who manage to live a normal life by having a replacement therapy injection every three months and don’t take any other form of supplementation please consider taking part in the study.

Please contact taylor”at” (replace the “at” with the@ sign). Or fill in the form below.
Your help will be greatly appreciated and could provide the answer to what is, for many members, a source of considerable frustration and anger.

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