Shhhhhh – I’m supposed to be on holiday!

by | Jun 8, 2016 | 2 comments

I’ve snook down from my room. You see the current Mrs Hooper has insisted that I don’t do anything internet connected for the next week – because I’m supposed to be having a holiday (first time in four years you understand). But there’s a problem that I need to explain. Last Saturday when I was in the office with Taylor, the young lady who is overseeing the Research project for Professor Hunter, the telephone started ringing but when it was picked up all that could be heard was this dreadful ‘static’ noise. There is a fault on the line. I notified BT and they should have fixed it by now but I’m still getting messages telling me that the fault persists. Anyway, I’m in some gloriously beautiful ‘holiday isle’ and so cannot do any more about it. So if you have tried calling the office and you can’t listen to the message telling you that the office is closed until the 15th June my apologies. I can’t do anything about it……right, gotta go, she’s getting up. And so are the Mosquitoes.

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  1. Mary Epke

    Thank you Martyn, for thinking of us even when you are on holiday ! Have a great time ! You deserve it .


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