An Injection a Day and the Doctors say Yay!

Jul 6, 2016 | Patient Stories & Support | 9 comments

Not all of the telephone calls to the office are negative, and one such positive call was taken by me yesterday.

“My husband needs and injection every day to live a more or less normal life.
If he goes any longer than that his personality changes and he does nothing but sleep – he’s even been known to fall asleep in a restaurant”.

Now, you may think that this treatment, prescribed by the lady’s husband’s GP would gladden my heart. But I have heard so many stories where the patient is being prescribed more frequent injections than what is stated in the British National Formulary (BNF) only to have that treatment regimen stopped by another doctor or doctors, often at the same surgery.  I pointed this out to the caller – that there was no guarantee that this treatment would carry on for ever, and that other GPs or Haematologists would often intervene and challenge the prescribing doctors practice.

“Oh we saw a Haematologist last week”.

‘Uh Oh!’ I thought.

“She was fully supportive of the GP”.

I couldn’t believe it.

“I’ll send you a copy of the letter from the Haematologist if you like”.

I replied that I would very much like.  And here it is, in front of me on my computer screen.  And it is fully supportive even telling the GP that there may be something more going on such as problems with B12 Metabolism and that she, the Haematologist, would be doing a literature search.

So, you see, it does happen, and this is a wonderful piece of evidence to present to the BNF when we come to give evidence that some doctors are prescribing more frequent injections than what is stated in the booklet.  Oh! and there’s one other thing.  The Haematologist asked the patient and his wife to ask me to contact her.  And that I’ll be doing tomorrow.