Bronze, Silver or Gold?

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I had a visitor to the office yesterday; a lady who lives just around the corner had telephoned last week to make an appointment. At 9am she arrived carrying a bag that contained various B12 supplements.
“I get an injection every 8 weeks but I still feel awfully tired. Are any of these any good?” She emptied the contents of the plastic carrier bag onto the table. There was an assortment of lozenges, sprays, tablets and skin patches.

I told her that many of our members used additional supplements between their injections and some report one particular product as being more suited to him or her than others – it depends on the individual. I explained that whatever she took she should tell discuss it with her doctor first as they would impact on any future blood tests.

She then produced two of my books and asked me to sign them which I willingly did. She wanted to become a member as she doesn’t have a computer – “though I’ve got an I-pad but don’t know how to use it”.

I explained the three levels of membership now available: Bronze – 12 months membership for £20, Silver £20 for 12 months and then £10 a year recurring or Gold, £100 for lifetime membership (with a signed book and a goodie bag).

“I think I’ll take the bronze” she told me; “after all, I’m 81 and so if I’m still here in a year’s time I’ll be more than happy to pay another £20”

You can’t say fairer than that!

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