Now a number of people have been concerned that I haven’t been posting for a while. Some imagine I’ve been on holiday, others that I’ve had nothing to report – well the truth is that I’ve been tied up with a major media campaign. One of our members had contacted her local BBC television centre to tell them how awful she felt on the three-monthly injection prescribed to treat her Pernicious Anaemia and that she had been forced to source further injections from the internet.

The BBC contacted me and immediately asked me to not tell anyone about the story that they were constructing. That’s why I haven’t been posting – I’ve been busy trying to brief various journalists and producers. Well today the embargo has passed and I can tell you that this whole issue of treatment is going public via the BBC. I had to go to the BBC Wales studio in Cardiff on Tuesday to be interviewed on camera, BBC Radio Oxford interviewed me live at 7am this morning (Thursday), I’ve another live interview with BBC Berkshire at 8am and then the television piece goes out via BBC South Television. Then it should be picked up by BBC National.

Consider the following:
Treatment in the 1960’s was an injection every month
That was changed to every two months in 1974 and then to every three months in 1984. I have been unable to find any scientific evidence that was used to justify these changes.
According to our survey 64% are unhappy with their treatment but that figure would be much bigger if people weren’t supplementing using some kind of B12.
And, as one Consultant Physician told me for my latest book, when he was diagnosed with PA he phoned a GP friend who had also been diagnosed with the disease and was told “the first thing you do is throw the BNF out of the window as their treatment regime is useless”.
Ah well, let’s ignite the debate and have a grown up conversation about this eh?