It’s Official – I’m a Marvellous Man!

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This is an email that I received yesterday. It’s all in a day’s work you know. The moral of the story is don’t lose all hope. We will help if we possibly can.

To all members and all who happen across the PAS whilst trying to find out about this misunderstood disease.
Martin Hooper, I cannot thank you enough for all your help.
In short, I was lucky enough to have an amazing GP he diagnosed me 10 years ago but it took us about 3 years to figure out the best treatment plan for me. In the end he was big enough to admit that not much is known about this disease and authorised four weekly injections to keep me on an even keel.
Then he retired March 2015!!!!!
My new GP did an IF blood test and without so much as a phone consultation to discuss my symptoms and ignoring the expertise of my former GP stopped my treatment by way of a phone call from her receptionist. The same day I booked an appointment with a doctor to discuss this and on arrival my doctor had told the receptionist that I was not important enough to be seen that day. I could tell the receptionist was very embarrassed about having to deliver this information.
This is where Martin came in. I was very distressed and scared when I first spoke to him. He immediately took control and reassured me that this would be sorted. He told me where the information was that I needed . My doctor chose to ignore me. On hearing this he contacted my surgery on my behalf, pointing out current guidelines etc.
He went about this in a very professional manner and thirteen days after having my treatment stopped I had a call from my surgery to say my doctor had restored treatment. She is obviously licking her wounds as she could not deliver this information personally. It must have stung to have two year old guidelines pointed out to you.
Martin is doing amazing work to increase the profile of PA and again, I cannot thank him enough for the help he gave me. I am sure that my GP would not have listened to me alone. His intervention was priceless and has put an end to an incredible amount of distress and anguish.
You are a marvellous man!!

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