The Tablets That Didn’t Work

Apr 16, 2017 | Patient Stories & Support | 2 comments

Off we go to the Isle of Wight where a new member lives. She telephoned the helpline that I was manning on Monday. She had been diagnosed three weeks ago as having Pernicious Anaemia and was prescribed 1mg tablets of Cyanocobalamin and told to take one tablet every day.

At diagnosis, her serum B12 level was 180 ng/L (the laboratory’s threshold to define a deficiency was 190 ng/L). After two weeks of taking the tablets her Serum B12 was checked again. It had dropped to 120 ng/L.
It’s more evidence that some patients respond to treatment better than others and proves the need for a thorough evaluation to be conducted into the efficacy of all the methods of delivering B12 to patients.