It’s Not All Negative

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It’s Not All Negative

Jun 24, 2017 | Patient Stories & Support | 0 comments

And now, for some positive news.

As you probably know, we have, in the Library Section of the website, a document titled ‘Update for Health Professionals’. This is available for download to members and can be printed out. It’s a summary, all referenced, of the new Guidelines on Cobalamin and Folate that was issued three years ago by the British Committee for Standards in Haematology.
Now, there’s something to note here that’s very important. Patients who print out the leaflet and give it to their doctors stand very, very little chance of their doctor reading it yet alone acting upon the information which would lead to a diagnosis of Pernicious Anaemia on symptoms alone.

If you are still struggling to get a diagnosis, and we know a lot of you are, it is important to telephone the office first to discuss your individual circumstances. Please note that we can only take calls from members of the society. We already struggle to deal with calls from members and we simply don’t have the resources to deal with non-members as well. Every case is different and getting your doctor to act according to the guidelines involves developing an individual approach to ensure success.

Yesterday we had two calls from members reporting that, following our advice, and approaching their doctor as suggested by us, they have finally received a diagnosis. One doctor read the update and stated “well, it’s there in black and white – I’ll show this to all of my colleagues”, which is very good to hear.
So, before you print off the Update, please call the office so that we can advise on an individually produced strategy. It does work believe me.

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