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Happy Emails

by | Nov 20, 2017 | 1 comment

I am despondent! After the flu jab incident (and an aching arm) and the meeting with the GPs I have a right to be. And then, here come to emails addressed to me that have reminded me that I need to keep going.

Email #1

Dear Mr Hooper,
Words cannot describe how much you have saved my life!! Firstly, the fact you and the PAS saved my life by getting me the right level of treatment. Secondly your support on the day of the Tribunal was invaluable. You were professionally able to direct the Tribunal panel as to the impact of Pernicious Anaemia and subsequent neurological damage has had on my life.
Having this illness is exhausting enough to manage with day to day life and I need support to carry out the day to day activities, without this help I cannot cope and can barely function. Having been re-assessed by the DWP they removed the PIP as they deemed that my illness had no impact whatsoever, this resulted in all payments being withdrawn immediately. So, without this support all paid for help stopped and I was unable to buy pre-prepared food which resulted in me loosing over 5 kilos in weight. But the biggest consequence of the DWP removing PIP was the emotional impact. I still have not been able to leave my house unaccompanied since April without becoming severely emotionally distressed, so I have gone weeks at a time without seeing anyone.
So, Mr Hooper with your clear and concise directions of clearly describing how the severity of Pernicious Anaemia can have on someone like me, has helped the Tribunal to give me an open-ended award at the enhanced rate of daily living.
I could not have done this without you and I cannot thank you enough!!

Email #2

Hi Martyn,
I spoke with you several times over the summer as my Go stopped my B12 after 10 years of treatment. I requested my medical records on your advice, GP referred me to a Haematoligist but said they probably wouldn’t see me. I was given an appointment and the Haematoligist restarted my B12 and I had my injection last month.
Can I take this opportunity to Thank you for your support and advice in this matter.

Back to it then! Shoulder to the wheel and all that!

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  1. Jim Jenkins

    Sorry to read you’re feeling despondent, so thought I would add my thanks to that of others. I have never spoken or written to you but I was diagnosed as B12 deficient earlier this year. After the diagnosis I went searching online for information re the illness and stumbled across the PAS site.

    I visit the site regularly, became a member of PAS and have bought two of your books. The information I have picked up from the site and your books has been invaluable. It has better prepared me to deal with this illness and for the ‘difficulties’ involved when dealing with GP’s who stick to guidelines and refuse additional B12 injections.

    I think it important you know, if you don’t already, that there must be other sufferers like me who don’t participate on the site in anyway, perhaps become members but who aren’t active, yet we benefit immensely from your work, and that of others in PAS.

    Thank you all for your dedication and commitment. It is reassuring to know support is available to us if required.


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