Over the summer I have been fortunate to be asked to make a presentation to four newly formed Support Groups. This has seen me travel to Glasgow, Belfast, Southampton and Wolverhampton. As well as these new support groups I have also been asked to make presentations at several existing groups including my own local south Wales group. Although the travelling can be exhausting at times I have met some truly inspiring people who have been struggling for many years with their condition. I try not to hog the limelight so to speak and encourage those who attend the meetings to talk to each other as this is the only way patients come to realise that they are not alone in their fight to cope with the disease. One thing that stands out is the wide range in ages of attendees; from fifteen-year olds to 80-year olds – this disease can and does affect all ages. All who attend these meetings say the same thing – ‘it’s nice to talk to others who know what it’s like living with PA’. The organisers of these events deserve a special mention as it takes quite a bit of organising to get the first meeting up and running. The society can help by emailing an invitation to all members within a certain geographical area and promoting the event on our website and social media, but it takes someone special to find a suitable venue and organise refreshments etc. If there isn’t a Support Group in your area you may want to think about starting one up. You can find out here where we have a group already. Thankfully we do have a volunteer who oversees these groups and who can help with practical advice – for further details contact Lynn.