The Symposium And Documentary Premiere

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The Documentary that has been nine months in the making will be premiered on the same day of the Symposium.

The Date is Thursday June 9th.  I am busy trying to secure a grant that will cover the cost of hosting the event (around £4,500) and the venue will be determined by whether or not the grant application is successful.  If it is successful the event will be held in Wales, if not then we will be seeking sponsorship to host the event in London.

The Documentary – Living In The Fog – will be shown at the event and so the venue will probably be a cinema.

Speakers who are confirmed attendees at the Symposium are:

Professor David Smith – Professor of Ageing Medicine, University of Oxford.

Professor Helga Refsum – Professor of Nutrition, University of Oslo, Visiting Professor of Nutrition, University of Oxford.

Dr. Edward Valente – Marketing Manager, Axis-Shield Diagnostics.

Dr. Fiona Porter-Smith – a General Practitioner and member of the society who devised and analysed our survey.  I may have to present these findings as Fiona is due to give birth just before the event!

I am still waiting to hear back from two other speakers who will  almost certainly be present.

The idea behind the symposium is to bring together doctors who are aware of the serious issues relating to the diagnosis and treatment of Pernicious Anaemia in particular and B12 Deficiency in general.  We, as a society, are aware of these issues, as are some notable doctors.  Yet nowhere is this information being widely disseminated throughout the medical profession.  The hardest bit will be getting doctors who are, as yet, completely unaware of these serious issues to attend.

If you are considering attending the event please be aware that the content of the papers (with the exception of me or Fiona’s) will be highly technical and based on complex science.  The Documentary will be easy to understand though.  Please call the office if you are interested in attending.

More of this as it develops…..

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