Anyone on B12?

I had a really unusual telephone call last week.  It was someone from UK Athletics.  He wanted to know whether an athlete who took B12 could be considered to be taking an performance enhancing drug.

“It’s an interesting question” I replied

“I know it is” he said.

“I know they give it to horses and Greyhounds before races” I offered.

“But does it work?” he asked

“I honestly don’t know”

“Can it be obtained easily?”

“Oh yes – very easily”

“But I thought it was only available on prescription”

“It is in the UK – but freely available over the counter on the continent”

“So is it classed as a drug” the man asked – clearly getting confused.

“It’s a vitamin” I said.

He then thanked me for my time and hung up.  I cannot but help thinking that somewhere, some athlete has been bragging that injecting B12 makes him or her perform better.  This could be the beginning of a whole new debate into the use of B12 as a performance enhancing drug.