The Symposium is definitely going ahead.  Yesterday, as I was leaving the office, I checked the postbox.  There was a letter from the Big Lottery.  I removed the letter from the box and went back upstairs to the office.  I placed the letter on my desk and told Miranda and Olivia that it was either a rejection or notification that I had been successful in the application for nearly £5,000 – the cost of hosting the symposium.  Both Olivia and Mirand believed the letter was a successful notification.  It was.  And so things will definitely go ahead.

The following people have all confirmed their attendance and will be presenting papers relating to their latest research findings into Pernicious Anaemia and/or B12 Deficiency.  I don’t yet have the titles of the papers but the following have confirmed their attendance:

Professor John Hunter – Professor of Medicine, University of Cranfield, Honorary Physician, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

Professor Helga Refsum – University of Oslo & Visiting Professor or Nutrition, University of Oxford

Professor David Smith – Professor of Ageing Medicine, University of Oxford

Professor John Scott – Professor of Molecular Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Anne Malloy, Clinical Lead, Vitamin Research Group, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Joseph Chandy, GP, Shinwell Medical Centre

Now begins the organisation.  The intended audience will be made up of medical practitioners from either primary or secondary care.  More of this as it develops.