And Another One – this time 93 yrs old

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This morning I had another telephone call from the distressed daughter of a 93 yr old lady who has been diagnosed as having Pernicious Anaemia four years ago. She has been having monthly injections and managing quite well on them. In August she had her blood tested. Guess what? Yup – she was told her B12 levels were now healthy and a test last week showed they were still healthy. And she hasn’t had an injections since August. “I can tell that my mother is deteriorating rapidly” her daughter told me. I tried to speak to the lady’s doctor but he wasn’t available.


I had an email from the patient’s daughter -this is what she wrote:

Just had a phone call from Mum’s surgery from Dr. L who was her doctor before he retired (Dr. A is her new doctor).  He said the reason they postponed her B12 injections was because in August when they did the blood test her level was over 1,000, (so in actual fact it must have been July when Mum had her last injection as it was a month after that she had the blood test).  He said that level was too high so they waited for it to go down a bit before giving her more injections.  I did say that it was bound to be high if a blood test was taken only a month after the injection (no comment).  In November the level was 638 he said.  He asked why she didn’t say she was feeling low!!!!!  I told him she rang twice last week for a home visit and was fobbed off by the nurse (no comment).  Anyway the upshot is that he said if she can get herself down to the surgery tomorrow, she can have the injection – halleluia!  He then said they usually do B12 injections every 3 months!  It appears that if she wants a home visit that would take a bit longer to organise so best to strike while the iron’s hot and try to make her own way there.


Anyway, Mum has arranged for a taxi to take her to the surgery tomorrow afternoon and the taxi will pick her up a bit later, the appointment has been made for the injection and everything……..


Just hope now that we never have a repeat of this again.


I would like to thank you again very much for your kind help and assistance.  I don’t know what I’d have done without your advice.  Good result!

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  1. Joanne Knight

    This has happened to me this morning. My mum has needed three blood transfusions in the last 3 months. She also has pernicious anaemia and has not had an injection since May. She came out of hospital last night following another transfusion and the bout on Tuesday left her with further damage to her heart. I phoned for the GP or nurse to come out today and give her the injection and been told that she no longer has pernicious anaemica and no longer needs injections!!!

    No doubt she will collapse again in another 2 weeks and this will affect her heart again resulting in maybe another heart attack and get passed from different hospitals!


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