19 Years Old and Totally Frustrated

by | Dec 30, 2011 | 0 comments

I received a telephone call from a university student who has been diagnosed as having B12 Deficiency.  She asked all of the usual questions and told me that although she has been identified as being deficient the doctor at the university was not concerned as to the cause of the deficiency.  I explained that the test used was next to useless and that as long as she got adequate treatment then the cause of the deficiency was not that important as the treatment would be the same.  I took the call before Christmas and yesterday she phone to say that she was at home and had gone to her usual family GP.  He has prescribed her weekly injections and has arranged for the nurse to show the young lady how to self inject.

I told her that she was very fortunate in having such an understanding doctor but she was more concerned about the cause of the deficiency – “It’s so frustrating” she told me.  I replied that having to wait three months for injections would be much more frustrating.  I told her that her doctor should be congratulated.  “He’s German” she told me.

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