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by | Jan 22, 2012 | 6 comments

Many of you have been asking about the book that I have written that seeks to clarify just what B12 Deficiency is, what Pernicious Anaemia is and explores the consequences and impact of the disease on sufferers.

Well, it’s written and is now with the publisher being edited.  It is due for publication in early April of this year and the title has been agreed as being:

Pernicious Anaemia – the forgotten disease.  The Causes and Consequences of Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Choosing the title was harder than writing the book as it had to include Vitamin B12 Deficiency.  The book is written in plain English which, when you are describing complex biochemistry can be a challenge and it includes lots of case studies showing how shabbily we sufferers are being treated.

If you want any more information please don’t hesitate to ask on here.

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  1. Anne Nash

    Dear Martyn

    I have PA I was diagnosed in 2002 after having an oesophagectomy. According to the Consultant The PA is not related to that. I also have under active thyroid. I have B12 injections every 4 weeks. I was made redundant in 2001 and have been on Incapacity benefit since then. I have never got back to ‘normal’ health. I am constantly tired. I have not got nerve damage but i have a lot of the other symptoms constantly. I had an Atos medical and they have said that I am capable of work, they did not say what in particular. I am appealing the decision. I moved house in 2006 and have a different GP now. I have just been to get a sick note as instructed by CAB the Dr told me that she did not think she could give me any supporting evidence as all my blood tested are ‘normal’. She said perhaps a little job might be nice.

    A quality of life would be nice

    I don’t really know where to go from here. The CAB told me that I will need supporting evidence. The Atos examiner did not give me credit for the fatigue and associated problems.
    Do you have any suggestions please as to whom I can go to that can examine me and testify/suport me in my appeal?



  2. Marcy

    I had an Associate’s Degree (2 years) and was working full-time as a Registered Nurse while attending college full-time also to attain my Bachelor’s when this hit me like a freight train. Everyone said “Fibromyalgia” (the lazy housewife’s disease). After working 44 years, I lost the ability to work and wound up in a homeless motel due to no income and loss of home. Devestating!!! It still took me saying to a doctor, “My great-grandmother died of Pernicious Anemia, could you test me for it?” He did and that’s what it was. What did he do to treat it? Told me to take over the counter B12 and no follow-up appointment. I wound up having to go to a clinic for the next two years with a different doctor at every visit. One doctor told me I didn’t have it even after I had already been tested and proven to have it. I ultimately wound up with a walker and SubAcute Combined Degeneration. My new doctor said it’s like polio; since there’s a cure for it, no one is concentrating on it anymore. Due to that, that problem is that it’s not being diagnosed, therefore, not being treated. What a nightmare this has been for me! It sounds even worse where you are.

  3. Patricia

    I’d very much like a copy of the book when it is published – will it be available from the PASOC site? I have autoimmune thyroid disease, secondary hypoparathyroid and B12 deficiency. Since many of the symptoms overlap it is a bit of a problem deciding what is wrong when I “slide”. My GP practice are looking after me but I feel on my own when I go all limp and foggy.

    Keep up the good work. Best wishes to all concerned.

    • Martyn

      Hi Patricia – the book will be available in all good bookstores and Amazon. An electronic version will also be available for Kindle etc.

  4. Gill

    Hi- Could you tell me the release date in April please?
    Best wishes

    • Martyn

      The book is now available for pre order – see my other post. It is now being released on June 21st and will be available from Amazon at £9.99


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