Many of you have been asking about the book that I have written that seeks to clarify just what B12 Deficiency is, what Pernicious Anaemia is and explores the consequences and impact of the disease on sufferers.

Well, it’s written and is now with the publisher being edited.  It is due for publication in early April of this year and the title has been agreed as being:

Pernicious Anaemia – the forgotten disease.  The Causes and Consequences of Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Choosing the title was harder than writing the book as it had to include Vitamin B12 Deficiency.  The book is written in plain English which, when you are describing complex biochemistry can be a challenge and it includes lots of case studies showing how shabbily we sufferers are being treated.

If you want any more information please don’t hesitate to ask on here.

Bye for now