Pernicious Anaemia: the forgotten disease

by | Jun 24, 2012 | 4 comments

Please be aware that my book is now available as an e-book via Amazon – so nobody will know you are reading it! 

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  1. Andrew McCaddon

    This is an excellent book Martyn! Very well written and a real pleasure to read. I am recommending it to my B12 deficient patients to read. However, it should also be compulsory reading for many of my GP colleagues of course! I will try to spread the word.
    Best Wishes

  2. Zeena Nackerdien

    An eminently readable book written from the vantage point of the patient. I am spreading the word. Well done, Martyn.

  3. Sarah Summerbell

    This book is my best friend as its been the closest thing that understands my symptoms.
    Once I picked the book up I couldn’t put it back down again, truly amazing I must say.
    It’s made me feel so positive about the outcome but also frustrated that so many GP’s really know very little about the symptoms and causes.
    My GP has stopped ordering blood tests but has not said why.
    My symptoms have remained the same, even after injections, luckily this book gave me such a fantastic insight it’s given me the encouragement to search for a more understanding GP who may even look into the reason why I have PA in the first place!
    Either way this is a great, fantastic, amazing, powerful and passionate book written by one brilliant man.
    Well done Martyn!

  4. Katy Marchant

    Hi Martyn, I finally read your book at last. I just wanted to say thank you for all your incredible hard work and brilliant research, I learnt many new things about PA that I had no idea about. Before treatment began in May 2012 I had lived with untreated PA for 28 years. So many things I used to take for granted about myself I realise after reading your book are actually the symptoms of PA that I’d just learned to turn a blind eye to until I thought of them as normal! I also feel extremely lucky as now with daily injections of hydroxo/methylcobalamin I really am experiencing normal life and health, I can even do late nights and parties!. If I miss one injection though my symptoms just creep back and by the end of the day my memory is shot and I can’t get my words out and the confusion descends. I was very sad to read in your book that not all PA sufferers make such a good recovery even after regular treatment. I really do count myself as one of the fortunate ones despite having unnecessarily wasted 28 years of my young life. I will turn 50 this February and I am determined to live every last drop of the new healthy life that I have been given.

    I will pass your book on to the many people I know who I suspect also have B12 deficiency. It is a tremendous and valuable resource which will help a large number of people and hopefully will educate the medical profession too.


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