So – I was walking past the O2 shop in Bridgend and I thought I would call in as I knew that my Blackberry smartphone was coming to the and of its contract.  The assistant went through the usual security checks and when I asked when I would be entitled to an upgrade she told me “from this morning”.  So I signed another two year contract and received a new Blackberry.

The next day I re-visited the shop and asked if they could transfer all of my contacts and files etc from my old phone to my new one.  They re-directed me to the O2 shop at the local Designer Outlet where I met Charlotte.

“Take a seat” she said and she then went about connecting my old phone to her laptop and then by clicking a series of buttons within ten minutes all of my contacts, photos, files and music from my old phone were now on my new one.  What would have taken a full morning to complete manually took just ten minutes.

Thanks Charlotte!  Brilliant Service.