I had another one of those telephone calls yesterday.  A 34 year old lady called to say that both her and her mother were diagnosed as having Pernicious Anaemia fifteen years ago.  Both were put on to three monthly injections.  For some reason her mother’s injections were stopped three years ago.  Her doctor told her that new research had proved that some patients “cure themselves” and as her b12 levels were good she must have cured herself – miraculously cured herself.

“My mother is dying before our eyes” the caller told me.  “She can’t walk straight and has terrible pins and needles and numbness in her legs.  It’s awful to see her”.

And so I have written a letter to her doctor asking for more details of the research relating to self-healing.  I also pointed out that I would be writing to higher authorities if her injections are not resumed.

I shouldn’t be having to do this…….