The Lady With Thirteen Illnesses

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I took a call from a lady yesterday who sounded old – and she was – “I’m 80 now” she told me near the beginning of the conversation.Martyn's Book

She wanted to ensure that we, as a society, were actively engaged in research into Pernicious Anaemia and I was able to tell her that yes, we were.

“I have Pernicious Anaemia” she told me.  “I’ve had it for thirty years and I still get very tired in the run-up to my injection”.  I asked her what other illnesses she had; the list was long but included “bowel cancer, bladder cancer, tinnitus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, going blind, going deaf, Parkinson’s and several others that I forgot.

“I’m phoning around all of the societies to find out if they conduct research so that I can make a small donation to each one” she said before adding “doctors seem to have forgotten about Pernicious Anaemia”

She then asked if she could have an information leaflet that I gladly sent her.

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