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Conference Speakers and Paper Titles

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Here are the titles of the talks being prepared for the Conference on Saturday October 19th this year.  These will be added to and a running order issued when all talk titles are submitted.  Talks will be of 20 minutes duration with 10 minutes for questions.

The 2010 Spring Conference

The 2010 Spring Conference

Prof. David Smith: “B12 as a Key Play in Preventing Brain Atrophy that leads to Alzheimer’s Disease”
Dr. Siddharth Banka: “Recent Advances in the Genetics of Vitamin B12 Absorption and Metabolism”
Dr. Joseph Chandy:B12 Deficiency & Autoimmune Poly Endocrine Syndrome (APS): Leading to Ms, ME, Fibro Myalgia, Chronic Fatigue (CFS), Depression – like presentations”.

Ms Petra Visser – “Vitamin B12-deficiency in the Netherlands – common misconceptions”.

Dr Willemina Rietsema: “Treating B12 Deficiency – could we do better?”

Dr Anna Guildford: “Intrinsic Factor, B12 and Nanotechnology”

Dr Allison Wild: “The Difference between Methylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin”.

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