Yesterday I was at London’s South Bank University where I had been asked to give an hour talk to second year adult nursing students.  This was a repeat of a talk I had given to another cohort in June of this year.

There were around thirty students and the talk explained the problems with diagnosis and treatment that PA Society members face.

It was very well received and I allow myself to be smug that thirty nurses of the future walked out of the lecture room knowing more about PA than their already qualified colleagues.  Two of the students stayed behind stating that they were continually tired and were experiencing a great many of the symptoms.  One of the student’s mother had PA and she was starting to experience the symptoms.  She was from Romania where B12 injections are readily available.  The other student had ended up in Accident and Emergency last weekend because she felt so ill.  “The doctor there thought I may have B12 deficiency and so he took blood from me – I get the results tomorrow”.  She then added “but of course after listening to you I realise I cannot trust the test result”.

Mission accomplished!